Your Pilot Through Rough Cybersecurity Waters

Square the Circle

Many of us facing modern Cybersecurity issues can probably relate to the ancient problem of squaring the circle, as the ever changing threat landscape is seemingly impossible to square off and our best efforts end up with approximations.

Squared Circle Security is your partner set to collaborate and create your custom solution – one that can grow with you and pivot fast when things change.

Our Story

Circle the Square

We measure, assess and take a pragmatic approach to solving your security needs, considering the sum of your cybersecurity concerns, such as business strategy and planning, monitoring and operations, defenses and controls, technology acquisition, and even training.


Running Commentary

Stay current with our blog insights. We understand that technology executives are facing unprecedented security challenges. Our own team - together with featured Guest Stars - regularly share their “I’ve experienced that”-perspectives to help answer questions that security professionals wrestle with daily.

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